PAY AS YOU GO- Email Marketing


Our team will work with you to: 
  • Design a comprehensive email marketing strategy based on your business goals
  • Design a custom branded template for your content & messaging
  • Identify targeted databases
  • Configure any promos or campaigns
  • Send out the communication & manage customer responses
  • Provide detailed send reports to optimize your next campaign

    $379 per email* + $0.04 per recipient send

    $0.04 per recipient send will be invoiced after the email has been scheduled to be sent out.

    Engage lost customers and send account balance updates with customized email communications! Use customer data to trigger loyalty rewards communications to send to your rewards member or non-rewards member databases. Ackroo has a team of professional graphic design and marketing specialists who can build stunning single-message emails to entire branded loyalty campaigns.

    Contact us about our enterprise email marketing subscriptions

    *design & translation fees may apply

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